hello friends, would you like this t-shirt?

yes of course you would

it is of course the raddest Rock Star, Jimi Hendrix, known for his amazing guitaring on songs like hey joe, voodoo child (slight return), lucy in the sky with diamonds

if you wear it you will look as super cool as this guy standing all along the watchtower there. people of the gender you are attracted to will want to stand next to your fire. (not that lady though, she’s already with that guy (probably because of his cool shirt))

anyway if you want one, if you got to get one into your life, I will screen print you one for the cost of the shirt + postage. send me an Electronic Mail (dan dot tasse at gmail) with:
- your address
- your size
- what color you want
- what kind of shirt you want - I can buy a cheap one for like $7, or a fancy American Apparel one for like $18, or my current favorite, AA shirts in the colors they’re trying to get rid of for $9.
- what color ink if you want anything besides black (I have white, red, blue, yellow; black’s been working best but I’m happy to try others. sadly, no purple haze.)

offer is open to all friends who don’t mind waiting like a couple few weeks for a rad shirt┬ábecause this is totally in my spare time best-effort-whenever. but just like jimi, I’ll work hard to get it to you, eight days a week!

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