talkin bout politics, talkin bout bernie and hillary

From the start I’ve liked Bernie slightly more than Hillary. I’d vote for Bernie and be pretty excited about it, I’d vote for Hillary and think it’s fine. I think we ought to move the government towards Northern Europe in a lot of ways. I think they’re doing pretty well. I think politics in the US needs some overhauling b/c people have so little say and big nasty corporations can funnel infinite money into whoever they want. I think most republicans are pretty obnoxiously blockading everything they can, most recently the supreme court justice, but there’s been a bunch of other stuff. (destroying Pennsylvania’s financial situation while they’re at it.) Incidentally, the entire republican party is pretty much exactly wrong on every social issue. So, we gotta have a non-republican win this most important office. Oh, and global warming is definitely happening and caused by humans and we should really do something about it.

That’s about as far as I know. I don’t know what exactly we should do in Israel, but I’m pretty sure that we’ve been pretty egregiously supporting Israel in pretty egregiously subjugating Palestinians. I don’t know what we should do about ISIS, but I’m pretty sure we shouldn’t march in and attack them because that’s kinda what they want. I don’t know what to do about police violence, but I do know that nonwhite people have it way tougher here than white people (sometimes violently so) and we can’t ignore that. I don’t know how we should change the US economy, and if banking is really the root of all evil here, but I know we’ve got to do something. I don’t even know what we should do about international trade, really, at all.

And here’s Bernie sounding just like me. And that’s kind of depressing, because someone with my expertise shouldn’t be running the country. But, transcripts make anyone sound dumb (though I’ll agree this one could have gone better. sounds like obnoxious stump speeching.) And… I guess if you knew in detail what to do about everything you’d be superhuman, so maybe it’s ok to be vague (and directionally right) on some things.

But it does sound like I’m searching for ways to uphold my pre-existing positions. Maybe I gotta dig up a crummy interview with Hillary and see how she sounds there. Anyway, color me still-undecided. (and, tbh, excited to have a race with an actual choice.)

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