Oh man voting in California

EDIT: scroll to the bottom, I posted a fuller list of who I voted for.

This is a thing! You gotta seriously bone up to vote right here. (whether it is a good idea or not to make us vote on so many things is a different story (it’s not) but I guess given what we got we might as well make the most of it.)

I’ll start with the California state propositions, mostly because I found ballot.fyi and like it a lot. I won’t say much about any proposition if they’ve already said it better.

But if you don’t even have that much time and you want to delegate your vote to me:

51 Yes (money for schools): seems like it’s not the best school bill but it’s a school bill and they’ve been out of money for a while.
52 Yes (hospital thing): it’s a formality
53 No (state funding requiring more votes and maybe stop a train): gosh no guys come on
54 Yes (bills available on internet): simple yes EDIT: actually no?
55 Yes (tax the rich): yes always
56 Yes (tax tobacco incl vapes): sure
57 Yes (make it easier to get parole for nonviolent criminals): slight yes? I generally favor less prison time and more rehab and this seems in that direction. There may be nuance here that I’m not well-versed enough to get into. #CaliforniaVoting
58 Yes (allow bilingual classes): This seems good b/c it’d give more control back to local folks to let them figure out what would work best in their situation. More leeway usually seems like a good thing to me.
59 Yes (does citizens united suck?) yes! this apparently doesn’t matter but still vote yes b/c citizens united does suck!
60 No (requiring condoms on porn stars): nope, which is counterintuitive maybe, but porn is already safe and this apparently would be bad for pornmakers. To be an educated voter in California, you gotta know about porn too.
61 No (complicated drug pricing thing): slight no; artificially futzing with drug price markets tends to mess things up more than it helps
62 Yes (repeal the death penalty): hell yes!
63 Yes (more checks for buying ammo): yes. Just heard a good podcast; summary: better background checks and regulations are the best way to prevent gun deaths. I’m sold: I don’t want to take anyone’s guns anymore. But I do want better background checks and regulations. (at least license them like cars?)
64 Yes (legalize marijuana): hell yes! (and if you’re concerned it’ll become clown town, look: it’s already basically legal here anyway)
65 No (plastic bag revenue goes to environmental things instead of stores): slight no? this just seems dumb. you charge me 10 cents per bag, just keep the 10 cents, don’t put aside a nickel for some tax for vague environmental things.
66 No (quicken the death penalty): hell no!
67 Yes (ban plastic bags): this overlaps with 65 confusingly, but basically if you like the way that SF is now, with no plastic bags, vote yes on 67.

whew! that was a thing. that’s about 1/3 of my ballot; the rest to follow.

Let me know if you know any good sources for similar breakdowns of SF local stuff!

EDIT: Here’s a more thorough list of who I voted for! And even if you don’t trust me, I still have a lot of tallies of who some other local groups supported, so that’s maybe useful. Note also that I changed my position on … at least one of the above.

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