Wedding planning megapost

Tati and I planned a wedding this past summer. It went great! As a result, I want to tell you all about how to do it. However, I don’t actually know that much.

Big things I know

Things for budget conscious people (who isn’t?)

We were like somewhat budget conscious. But not really, because we can afford not to be, and you only do it once, and we were out of town and busy with stuff so were happy to pay for a couple things that we maybe could have handled cheaper. It worked out well and pretty minimally stressful for us.

Things that are small but I want to bring them up

Anyway, especially for my friends who are getting married relatively soon, and especially if you’re getting married in Pittsburgh, ask me for plenty of advice about anything. I am not real expert at this, but our wedding went even better than I’d hoped, and I do like to talk.

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