I really cannot believe this.

- The incredible power of sexism. Hillary vs the worst man I’ve ever seen run for president, and here we go.
- Well… maybe the republican party crashes and burns as hard as possible?
- Heyo Trump, you wanna make jobs, go ahead, make jobs. You get the best shot you can possibly have, and I know you will fail. I know in four years the unemployment rate will be higher and the average American will be worse off.
- But you’ll be telling us the unemployment rate is lower, because you absolutely do not care about facts. And your goonbag conspiracy theory alt-right media buddies will keep repeating you until 49% of the country believes it again. (except maybe Glenn Beck, and good on him.) I’m not sure how we stop this.
- Man, kinda a bummer about my initials right now. Gotta spend a long time making “DJT” great again.
- Wait, so “make ___ great again” is ruined - is the word “great” ruined too? Is it a dog whistle for “get out all the black and brown people”?
- The planet is so hosed. our president, and a majority of our new congress, don’t believe climate change is a thing?
- This is on you, email “scandal” reporters. Thanks to your “fair and balanced” nonsense, somehow one minor mistake ended up outweighing an endless list of lies, scams, and general terribleness.
- This is on you, right wing conspiracy theorist talk show hosts. But you’re probably stoked about that.
- This is also on you, Catholic church who’s reduced so many people’s votes to one checkbox, “will they ban abortion?”, which is so dumb for so many reasons.
- A bunch of states legalized weed. we’re going to need it.
- This election is a pretty good argument against men’s suffrage. And white people’s suffrage. How many years did we go without women’s suffrage - like 140? Let’s let only women vote for the next 140. And make white people’s votes count as 3/5.
- Here’s an interesting idea: every election settles out to an equilibrium based on polls. in this one, the polls just underestimated trump, so the “equilibrium” ended up being in his favor.
- I’m wondering if the human difficulty with processing scale is a coping mechanism. Like, you look at all the magnitude of awfulness out there right now, and you’ve got to tune it out. Still, that’s the same processing difficulty that led people to say “on the one hand, everything Trump’s done, but on the other hand, those emails…”
- The average American is not quite this bad. But only just. (and, I mean, whatever, it’s just “moral victory” at this point.) Someone on Twitter: “it’s like you’re ordering dinner with friends and three of them vote “pizza” and two vote “kill and eat you.””

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