New bike: Ricardo Villalobos

Check this out! See the turquoise “Yerka” on the frame? That’s where it locks/unlocks. The whole frame comes apart and, together with the seatpost, locks around something. It’s pretty neat. Probably will be my new around-town bike.

Ricardo Villalobos is a Chilean-German minimal techno producer. This bike is from Chile, and kind of minimal. (but then you unlock it and it has all this hidden depth, or something!) A techno producer feels appropriate for a riding-around-town bike.

That makes this bike #3 I’ve assembled from parts. I’m learning here! Stats and links for my memory’s sake:

Frame: Yerka XL (58cm)
Seat and post: whatever came with the frame (it’s a whole locking system)

Handlebars: Oval M650 MTB Handlebar 710mm 31.8mm w/ Oury aqua grips to match the Yerka lock, cheapo stem from Bike Kitchen

Headset: Cane Creek 40 series integrated headset. Note to self: that was the wrong headset for this frame. “Integrated” means it doesn’t have cups, b/c they’re “integrated” into your frame. Except on mine, they weren’t. Luckily, Bike Kitchen had a couple extras.

Brakes: Promax Radius caliper brakes. Stud lengths: 37mm front, 15mm rear. 60mm max reach from center of the stud to center of the pad at its lowest. Origin8 Power V-type levers, standard XLC cables/housings

Wheels: EighthInch Julian V2 wheels, white, 32h. 42mm deep rims. 100m front spacing, 120mm rear. Thickslick 700x25c tiresThese rim strips. Tubes.

Drive train: Lasco cranks (46t) and BB (VP BC73 68x103) (white), EighthInch white chain (1/8" obv), ACS main drive freewheel (16t, 1/8"), cheapo pedals from Bike Kitchen

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