Maybe I'll blog, not facebook, politics. Anyway, the CBP is broken.

Your daily bad news is this podcast.

The CBP has become the country’s largest federal police force, routinely secretly violating people’s rights with no oversight and no need to explain themselves.
And it’s _not even helping_ prevent terrorism. Listen to this podcast and tell me that these cases make us safer. It sounds like, instead, they’ve made us more irrationally terrified. (which is, again, what terrorists are trying to do.)

in case you’re tempted to respond “it’s all anecdotes, not data”… well, sure; we can’t get access to any data. that’s step 1: shed a little light on their inner workings. In the meantime, I’m going to assume that these cases are indicative of the all-too-familiar pattern: zero oversight and accountability -> abuse. (hopefully not “-> secret police” etc,

(almost posted this on facebook, but: doubt I’d reach anyone who doesn’t agree with me, and there’s enough bad news there already. I almost feel like I should, instead of just getting mad at everything, start building up big well-cited argument lists/trees for use when debating with your local political opponent. that sounds like a lot of work, and maybe not worthwhile anyway, and hasn’t someone else done it better?)

At any rate, your daily good news is we are getting heckin' active wherever we can. This is awesome.

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