New Meme Suggestion: Repeater Jim

Here is an uncomfortable fact of working life:

Alice: I think X.
Bob: are you sure?
Charles: what about Y?
Dave: I don’t know, I don’t believe X, I have to see for myself.
Jim: I think X.
Bob, Charles, and Dave: Oh yes, X is definitely true. Good idea, Jim.

Here’s my SNL-skit proposal: in the future, each woman gets a male robot named Repeater Jim who just follows her around and repeats what she says, so men will listen to her ideas. (it would be named “Jim” just because that’s the first name that popped into my head.)

Here’s my actually-not-satirical real-world proposal: men, volunteer to be Repeater Jim. Like, team up with a woman or women in your workplace, and try to repeat what they say as often as possible. As soon as the other men go “oh yes definitely X”, say “yes, I agree, thanks to Alice for suggesting this idea.”

(obviously this should be addressed more widely too; Repeater Jim is a band-aid, not a fix for women being ignored. but, a band-aid is better than no band-aids. and maybe people have an “ohhh” moment about their unconscious biases every now and then when they realize they got Repeater Jimmed.)

(n.b. not just about women; this also applies to people of color and probably pretty much every minority.)

For the record: if any of y’all ever need me to be Repeater Jim, let me know, I’m happy to help.

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