The New Consumerism

I remember reading something about how sincerity, not irony, is the ethos of our generation. (oh, here it is.)

(set aside for a minute how terribly quixotic it is to try to define “the ethos of our generation.” of course there are a million subsets of our generations, all with different ethoses.)

Anyway, I like this, obviously.

A similar thing occurred to me when I was shaving. I mean, I used to use shaving cream, like the Gillette stuff from a can that comes out all foamy. I’ve since been trying an array of different other creams from more hippie brands because, I guess, “down with the man” etc? But really, shaving cream is pretty good, for me at least: it’s easy, quick, I cut myself less, washes out easier. I don’t know that there are big externalities, and if there’s something that’s 10% better out there, it’s really not worth fussing myself about.

I’m provisionally calling this “new consumerism” - not just taking the crummy mass-market thing because it’s there and I want the shiny new thing that’s marketed the best, but because I really tried a lot of the other things out there and realized that this thing is actually pretty good.


Adam Jerfee -

I don’t know if you’ve tried the old-fashioned brush/soap instead of shaving cream, but it has mildly improved my life. I actually think the brush/soap part of shaving is more important (and fun) than the razor.

If you want your 10% (at least!) improvement on Gillette foam, I’m using the “Arlington”-scented soap from D.R. Harris in London along with a Maggard’s synthetic brush with a marble handle. Simply divine.

Dan -

Yeah! I had a brush and soap for a while. Downsides: 1. the brush lost hairs, eventually. 2. The lathered foam would drip down my chin a bit. 3. I feel like I got cut more than I do with Gillette foam? #3 might be my imagination, and #2 I can deal with, but #1 bothered me. Now I’ve got to deal with replacing a brush too? … Have you had this problem?

Adam Jerfee -

I’ve heard #1 is much more common with real badger hair brushes; I used to have one and had the same problem. I now have a good synthetic and all is well.

I think #2 depends quite a bit on the soap, the brush, and the amount of time you spend whipping it up into a lather. Changing my brush has also given me much thicker lather, so it sounds like many of your problems here could be brush-related!

If you know any single women, please let me know I am so lonely

Dan -

hmm, so maybe a nice synthetic brush would be my thing. any particular brushes you recommend?

if I meet any single ladies who are out your way I will tell them “hey you should meet my friend adam” and then send them this whole conversation. I can’t imagine they would not be enthralled.

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