CA voting, part 2

(here’s part 1)

Hard to find guides for CA-wide races! Here’s the Chronicle. Here’s one from Planned Parenthood. Here’s the SF League of Pissed-off Voters for the “progressive” vote; useful because when even they endorse moderate candidates, like Padilla and Yee, that seems good.

Governor: I think Villaraigosa here, because it’s a top-2 primary. Newsom is going to win first (and I’m planning to vote for him in the real election), but Villaraigosa and republican Cox are in a close race for second, and I’d rather have Villaraigosa than Cox.
Lieutenant Governor: doesn’t matter much. Ed Hernandez seems fine.
Secretary of State: Padilla
Controller: Yee
Treasurer: Ma
Attorney General: Becerra

Insurance commissioner: (shrug) Lara I guess
Board of Equalization member: Not voting
US Senate: De Leon, as he’s farther left than Feinstein. Hate to be ageist, but… Feinstein’s policies were built in an age of Reagan and Bush 1. This feels about right.
US Rep, District 12: Shahid Buttar. Again, top-2, so obv Pelosi will win #1 but who do we want to win #2? I’ve seen ads for Jaffe, but… construction moratorium and no congestion pricing -> nope. Similarly with Khojasteh: “the US is in the midst of a housing crisis driven not by lack of supply but by surplus of greed” - no! that is exactly the opposite of what is true! Buttar is at least not as wrong.
State Assembly Member, District 17: Chiu’s been good, let’s keep him.
Judge, office 4: Cheng (background for these 4 judge races)
Judge, office 7: Karnow
Judge, office 9: Lee
Judge, office 11: Ross
Superintendent: Thurmond

Mayor: see also part 1; in short: Breed.
District 8: I’m kinda undecided now. (Chronicle editorial.) When a “moderate” organization endorses a “progressive” candidate, that sounds good. And Mandelman’s really putting in the effort, while Sheehy’s kinda not. But … Mandelman’s “solution” to the housing crisis is “more rent control”? Well, plus “more affordable housing”, which we all want of course, but his policies might make harder to build. Ehh. Doesn’t really matter; we’re going to rehash this one in November anyway.

State ballot propositions: turns out these are easy. (more info)
68: Yes
69: Yes
70: No
71: Yes
72: Yes
Regional prop 3: Yes!
City and county props: see my part 1 (in short: yes on ABDEFG, no on CHI). I changed my mind to vote in favor of E just to spite the tobacco companies who have sent me so many mailers against it.

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