San Francisco Voting in June

I mostly follow these, from SF Yimby.
I also try to follow these, from SPUR.
The SF Bike Coalition is mildly important to me.
And if I hear anything Scott Wiener endorses, I’m inclined to vote for that as well.

Ultimately, we’re in a housing crisis here, and we have to build a million billion units of housing starting 30 years ago. This is the thing that colors my votes more than anything else. I’d say I’m a single-issue voter, but housing affects almost everything else; the housing debate IS the gentrification debate, the homelessness debate, the transportation debate.

As a result, I fall right in line with the YIMBY faction. SB 35 is great and already making housing work; SB 827 would have been awesome, and the only things I hear against “build more” are of the following forms:
1. “Let’s not displace people (esp poor and nonwhite ppl) who are here now.” I agree with this! That’s an important concern. And seems like we can work that out while also building more. SB 827, for example, added a bunch of tenant protections after discussing with people who might get displaced. If you want to talk about displacement a lot, but not build more, then I have to assume you’re “bootlegger and baptist"ing - saying you support X for “good” reason Y, but you actually have self-interested reason Z.
2. “I don’t want things to change.” This has 2 forms:
2a. “I want SF to still be a cool artsy funky hippie whatever alternative place like it used to be.” Well, uh, it’s not 1967. And in the words of the wise sage Geddy Lee, “if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.” By not building more, we ensure that things will continue changing in the way they are now, and SF will be even richer and whiter and more boring.
2b. “I want SF to be precious Victorian houses, not Manhattan.” I mean… I get that, but I just think it’s way less valuable than the alternative. When it’s “I like Victorian houses” vs. “SF is a homelessness war zone that you can only afford if you make over $100k, and barely then”, scrap the Victorians.

How I’m voting, as of now, assuming I hear nothing else. Numbers indicate how much I care about each, on a scale of 1-10, where 1 means “I barely care enough to check a box on this or I’m very unsure about it” and 10 means “this is the most important thing ever”
Mayor: Breed, then Leno, 8
Rep: Sheehy 5
Regional Prop 3: Yes 8 (tax bridges, fund transit)
City propositions:
A. Yes 5 (utilities bonds)
B. Yes 3
C. No 1
D. Yes 5 (C and D are kind of a bummer; I’d take $70m for housing before $140k for childcare, but… it’s not an easy choice.)
E. No 1 (Did somebody say, grape blunt?)
F. Yes 8 (legal representation if you’re getting evicted)
G. Yes 8 (tax for teachers)
H. No 9 (Tasers)
I. No 1 - even though I support it in principle, saying “we shouldn’t court sports teams” doesn’t actually do anything.

There’s still a lot to do, mostly at the state level, so I’ll probably post again about those when I figure them out. Anyway… /r/changemyview.

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