that "burnout generation" article, and catalogability

I’m sure if you’re on internet things, you’ve seen “How millennials became the burnout generation.”

1. It’s well written and should be required reading if you’re inclined to think “kids these days” are lazy!

2. I’m lucky to have been spared most of these problems, and I can mostly manage my life today. However, I have no kids, stable corporate job, no family members depending on me for medical care or anything, and no student loans or other unmanageable debts. I have no idea how people manage if those things are not the case.

3. It would be nice if you could put all the things you need to do into one nice list, then just do them. Unfortunately, they are uncatalogable, and probably have become more so in the last N years. Surely, the internet is partially to blame for this increase. But the worst excesses of the internet are kinda just symptoms of unchecked capitalism. Our economy is great at adding *more*, and it’s great at consumer goods (and sometimes services) - but our problems are that we need less, and we need things that can’t be fixed by consumer goods.

4. A lot of my time vanishes into bouts of blogging or otherwise reading/writing like this! I feel like this will likely drop off eventually. (post kids?) I wonder if I will just not even miss it, or if I will feel even more like I can’t make sense of the world and then that will bother me.

5. This linked article (“Laziness does not exist”) is great. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who I’d say is “just lazy.” Literally everyone is doing their best given their circumstances. Nonjudgmental help is always 100x more useful than telling them “deal with it.” Even when the answer needed is “deal with it”, delivering that in a compassionate and understanding way is way more helpful than judgment. And this holds true at all levels - whether you’re talking to a person one on one, or writing legislation. If you’re inclined to give someone (or write legislation proposing) “tough love”, you’ve gotta really be reflective and honestly answer “am I doing this because it’s really right for them? or am I doing this because it’s easier for me?”

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