Altitude and cold are bad, teleféricos and airbnb experiences are great?

We are in La Paz, Bolivia!

1. Altitude and cold are bad.
We’re at 10,000 ft, and nights get down to maybe the 30s, and central heating kinda isn’t a thing? We’ve got a space heater. Anyway, I haven’t really felt 100% the whole time I’ve been here, and it’s gotta be that, right? Like, my stomach is just kinda not hungry for anything and when I do eat, it feels bad. Luckily, we’re otherwise doing well.

When my stomach feels “ehh”, it also makes me feel mentally “ehh”, and I’ve had a couple of really sad moments so far. That’s weird. Gives more evidence to the “depression is caused by feeling bad” hypothesis (as opposed to the “depression is caused by meaninglessness” hypothesis).

2. I think teleféricos are great?
There’s gondolas! That go over the whole city! There are 10 lines and like 30 stops! That’s how you can get around! It’s so cool. And really genius for a city that’s like a bunch of little islands between the mountains. They’re pleasantly full but never seem to have lines. They cost Bs.3 = $0.50. Waiting for someone to tell me why “actually, they’re bad”, because they seem pretty great.

3. I think “Airbnb experiences” are great?
A guy named Javier was offering mountain bike tours, he had 30 references and positive reviews, so I went biking with him. It was also so cool. Like, he’s just a guy, with a lot of biking-in-La-Paz experience; I could talk to him as a person, not a tour operator. Waiting for someone to tell me why “actually, this is bad” too; I would be less surprised because I’m sure the San Francisco Venture Capital machine will find a way to suck all the humanity out of it or destroy some other industry or whatever, but in the meantime it seems pretty great.

I’ll show you photos later. Blogger’s mobile app seems to have been made in 2009 and not updated since then, so I don’t even know if I can add photos here. (Of course. The SFVC machine doesn’t care about maintenance.)


Daniel -

Teleféricos! Now I want them in more cities!

Dan -

I know, right? I feel like they’d be awesome in Pittsburgh. (and, like, SF, but good luck building anything.)

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