Tasse's Corollary to Pearson's Law

Realize I never set this down in actual written words! So:

Pearson’s* Law, paraphrased: when you measure something, you will naturally start to maximize it.

Tasse’s corollary: … even when you’re trying to minimize it.

*(or maybe Monson’s or Drucker’s or Kelvin’s or Caulkin’s or Ridgeway’s or Rheticus’s - none of these seem very popular or credible, but I get marginally more hits searching for “Pearson’s law”)

A friend just pointed out I should have another law: “The broken thing will start working again exactly when you ask someone for help with it.”

(Man, am I gonna be a Dignified Olde Gentleman someday publishing a book of sayings? I hope so, ‘cause there’s no way I’m gonna be a Dignified Olde Gentleman otherwise.)

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