"try yes"

this is the most Oblique Strategy blog post

I was bummed about something and going “ugh, no no no” the other day, details aren’t important but ask me if you want, and someone else was walking by, singing a song, and as an aside mid song says to me, like under his breath as if he was a top secret spy, “try yes.” and then keeps singing his song as if nothing had happened. It was the most bananas thing. I could not believe it even happened. In two words, totally owned me, but also he was smiling like he wasn’t trying to be a jerk, but also didn’t seem like a smarmy ass, and I can’t probably convey how he managed to do both those things. Hit me at just the right time. Anyway.

I have many more thoughts but it’s hard to write them down, so I will just say this is my mood the last few days:

(“maybe everything isn’t hopeless bullshit” image from here)

I hope it lasts, but at least in the meantime it’s a very good feeling.

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