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I used to post stuff like this and maybe I should again! Honestly, it feels like mostly clearing my brain - stuff that was in a tab somewhere, now I’ve voiced my thought about it and I can move on. Anyway, here is more of it:

List of fractals by Hausdorff dimension - if you know your Sierpinski Triangle and your Cantor Set but you want more cool mathy objects, they’re all here, and there’s a dimension for “how noisy it is.” I know nothing about any of this but can only gawk at it, Keanu-like. Whoa. Shout out to:- the Mandelbulb and its Annihilation connection
- the coast of Ireland
- cauliflower

Garbage Language (or, corporatespeak) post in 2020. Yeah. “It is obvious that the point is concealment; it is less obvious what so many of us are trying to hide.” I think a lot of these terms are because of fear or self-delusion. I’m afraid to ask you “can you do two things at once?” so I’ll ask “can you parallel-path these”?

This post about conjugal love struck me as more than the usual “love is patient, love is kind” wedding speech. “Is it paradoxical that conjugal love requires lifelong commitment without contingency plans, yet at the same time is contingent in a way that parental love is not? No, there is no paradox. If you believe something is permanent, you can make lifelong promises and commitments contingent upon it, because you believe the thing will never fail you.” Like, you have to believe this thing is permanent, even while you know it’s conditional. I have had both reactions: “yeah of course” and “that’s impossible.”
I also think “Both partners must have matured enough that their core values are stable.” is a pretty important sentence here.
(also from the same guy: Philosophy through science fiction; I want to read this.)

Insightful post about gifted education in the middle of a Best-of-tumblr. (usually these threads are silly. ok here’s your best-of-tumblr-thread silly post. it’s a good one too.) (while we’re playing dumb language games, this skit was the highlight of the (uh, 2) SF Sketchfest shows I saw.)

Actual maps of medieval kingdoms. Lol; Game of Thrones seems super orderly and unified by comparison.

jubilee barrier sings Song 2” - this is so dumb and I love it, it’s like “smells like teen shovel

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