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Why was the daily screaming at 8pm instead of 7pm tonight?

lol at Lyft for saying it out loud: we made everyone data scientists because title inflation

re Animal Crossing: “Imagine if everyone had a job that they enjoyed, that they were good at, and that could sustain them. What if they could thrive with no job at all, a step well beyond universal basic income?

depression and smell - hahaha, but actually. I used to think sensory input was just a thing you could carve off on its own - like your life would be equally rich regardless of how well the senses work. I don’t think that anymore. this feels relevant; how your body feels (as you take it in through your senses) has a big effect on how you feel emotionally which has a big effect on how you think.
(side note: I’m not sure how strong that effect is; it’s not infinite, because otherwise why not just take super feel-good drugs all the time? but it’s probably stronger than we give it credit for.)
also it’d be hilarious if “aromatherapy” turned out to be a real thing that worked just like this.

my friend Daniel made this Assassin Chess, which is reasonably fun despite being playable on your own with just dice, and having only a few pieces. I think I can almost always win, but it’s not trivial, and that seems like a step in itself.

other notes, I finally defeated a20 heart on all characters in Slay the Spire, and I think its hold on my life has loosened as a result. oh, and I beat Shandalar. I’ve cooked a lot, managed to bike basically daily despite not having my commute, and hosted half of a short Monster of the Week (think Dungeons and Dragons but simpler) campaign. so, like, there’s my quarantine achievements.


Daniel -

Mentioned in a Dan post, I’m famous! :) I’ll have some qs for you about your plays of Assassin Chess next time we talk!

Dan -

hah! I think you’re also about 1/4 of the readers of this, so you’ve just increased your fame by 3 people!

Todd -

Some of us other-three already know him, though!

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