June 2020, man.

ultimately, we did move. like, on the one hand, we picked the building that we want to live in. Our building has every convenience! It’s gonna make life easy for me. I’m gonna be able to get things done! I will relax along with my loved ones!

on the other hand, definitely worry about the government, duh.

I’ve tried and failed at posting a few things. weird time, of course. I don’t have much to say besides that it’s all really hard (for personal reasons more than for societal ones for me right now, “everyone’s fighting a battle you know nothing about” and so on, but the constant influx of injustice and virus certainly don’t help).

I’m not very happy about the housing hoops we jumped through to find an apartment. It feels demoralizing and humiliating. (again, this is like 1% of the struggle people have with the police; I’d love to popularize the term ALAB but I’ll wait until we’ve all agreed ACAB first.)

My company fired/relocated 1400 stylists (the part-time employees who pick out the clothes to send you), to save money (firing Californians, hiring elsewhere), and that feels pretty icky.

I got a year older and don’t have much to say about it! I know that one thing I’m missing in my life is joy and celebration and I’d be happier if I did that more, but man, celebrating anything feels pretty bad right now.

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