rehydrating a little this week

I feel kind of like I exist again. gosh was really that much mental energy taken up by the Tr*mp show?


I’ve been reading about him, mostly through Jung’s Map of the Soul.  It’s mostly comprehensible, and full of interesting ideas.

Some concepts:

Libido - I want to know more about this. I feel like this book just briefly touched on it, but it’s one of my big questions here. There’s some kind of “energy” (not woo here, just like, sometimes you feel energetic and sometimes you don’t and it’s hard to explain it all just physically. oh and unlike with Freud this doesn’t just mean sexual energy.) - how does it move? Where does it come from? Have some people figured out how to get more of it?

Archetypes and the collective unconscious - these are pretty exciting too. Sometimes your experiences aren’t just yours! You can see this obviously sometimes: kid grows up in Great Depression, becomes a miser but manages to become well off, passes that tendency on to kids who are penny-pinchers despite never experiencing poverty. Sometimes it’s weirder (and more interesting), like when you’re feeling things that go way back to ancestral stuff. I’d love to hear more stories of these. I’d also like to understand the difference between instincts and archetypes more - like, you startle when you hear a strange sound at night, is that archetypal?

Anima/Animus: I think I’ve kinda understood the bits about ego, complexes, persona, and shadow. But what the heck is the anima/us? What do later people say about it? Can you do certain things that will get you in touch with your anima/us? How would you know? Or maybe, what are other people’s stories of their anima/uses?

Oh but look out there’s some garbage too: diagrams of “quaternities” and talk about “synchronicities” and stuff that’s either just straight up nonsense or else way over my head :P


Oregon legalized psilocybin therapy! And Scott Wiener’s introducing legislation to get CA on the same track! This is great for 3 reasons:

- War on Drugs is bad, duh

- even if you think we shouldn’t legalize/decriminalize all drugs, psychedelics are among the most harmless.

- and they can actually be very helpful. I know people who they have really helped dramatically with depression.

other notes

can you bring anything through the tunnel? (“tunnel” being nitrous in his case, but this also applies to dreams or whatever else.) and is the experience still useful even if you can’t?

this on sutra vs tantra - did I just not click with Buddhism because all the Buddhism I learned was “sutra”?

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