Nø school

spent the last couple weeks at this. It was pretty neat. We (~15-20 “students” and 5-10 “teachers”) spent the days either doing a workshop (ranging from “theorize about the post-growth society” to “build1 a radio”) or working on our own projects, the evenings listening to each other talk about our work, and the nights hanging out, playing ping pong, dancing, drinking, etc.

Some highlights:

I am energized and enthusiastic! I am reminded how important the community is to anything that you do. One important ingredient to the creative process is people who will care about it. It was awesome to meet and spend 2 weeks with some of them.

some photos!

  1. by “build” I guess it’s useful to specify how low-level you’re going. maybe the most concise way to describe what we did is “Arduino level”, with some soldering based on someone telling us what to solder and where ↩︎

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