Jobs Principle Components

I think when we talk about jobs colloquially, we talk about ~2 axes: money and Meaning. We might get more insight into our feelings around work if we considered more axes. Despite its TED-talkiness, I like the Daniel Pink axes of “autonomy, mastery, and purpose” (though I would also add “and money”), but I think that’s still too simple. Here are some axes that I think exist, and can mostly vary independently of each other:

Hmm, I didn’t mean for so many of these to have a local and a global component, but I guess they almost all do. Money, efficacy, meaning, and social status, in local (or short-term) and global (or long term) versions. Not sure about enjoyability or people; what does “long-term enjoyability/people” mean?

EDIT also: “Appreciation” might be one (“You are appreciated for the work that you do”), but I think it’s more a combination of local meaning, local social status, and good people.

There are probably more dimensions too. This feels like at least a start, though.

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