Just Do Less

Do less if your dentist tells you you need lots of fillings or worse

Do less when your baby cries (and give it a french name, that’ll help :-P)

Do less with your baby overall (regardless of which of these philosophies you like)

Do less worrying about your money, about your ecological impact, about playing middle class scripts

Just do less saying “just” (ok sorry, this one is a stretch)

other things

I can’t get over this idea of “masculinity is about what you can do and femininity is about what you can get other people to do"1. I recognize this all over the place. Is it a corollary that masculinity is more required at small companies and femininity at larger ones?2 Is it even worth categorizing things in the world in this way?

ACX’s “Nick Cammarata On Jhana” is… well, it’s two closely related internet miniclusters combining. It’s cool, anyway. It’s a slightly larger venue for ideas that really fascinate me. One thing about jhana that feels appealing is: you’ll know it’s working, and it doesn’t take 40 years to get there. (well, maybe.)

Real Artifacts: these are just cool pictures that look like rendering bugs.

I like this guide to chronic and acute stuckness: it’s a little more nuts-and-bolts than most, as in, it answers “so what do I do now?” Unfortunately, I feel even more stuck than this now - it’s not like “I am stuck doing task X”, it’s like “I can’t even get my mind around to figure out what task I should be doing.” (See also: the headlines in my life now.)

How to do drugs for healing and spiritual growth while your kids are at school3: In addition to practical advice, I like his arguments against “These things can be helpful but only with a Licensed Therapist Guide or Two in FDA-Approved Settings.” If it’s $8000 and 3 days per session, it excludes most people who might need it.

How to cross post with Mastodon given that we may be in the Twitter End Of Days. Course, I’m not even doing this yet :shrug: Weird but exciting time here on the Stupid Bird Site.

  1. is that insulting? I don’t think it is or (ofc) mean it to be; both are equally important! as always, all the disclaimers apply: everyone is some part masculine and some part feminine; they’re both equally important; saying “masculinity is like X” doesn’t mean men do X and women don’t; being more connected to one doesn’t make you less connected to the other ↩︎

  2. notice that I absolutely did not say “hire men at small companies and women at big ones” - again, these are skills/modes that each of us can and should develop ↩︎

  3. The Snail Shell does not condone anyone doing anything illegal, of course ↩︎

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