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Flexbox Froggy - cute game to learn CSS flexbox. thank god ppl keep making this stuff so we can semi painlessly keep up with new tech

Speaking of which, have I shouted out Execute Program recently? Been doing it for JS practice and it’s well structured and good.

I still might check out Arc Browser. Trying a browser takes a long time. But Chrome does not have my interests in mind, and Firefox is increasingly clunky.


Make Your Own Jeans - haven’t bought so I can’t comment, but those are really cheap prices for made-to-measure pants. (They also do non-jeans.)

Eddie Bauer Guide Pro Pants are the best pants I have found in the Year of Our Lord 2023. That’s right - if Patagonia is where you shop when you like to pretend you go rock climbing, Eddie Bauer is where you shop when you like to pretend you shop at Patagonia - but these pants fit me fine, have all the right pockets, are a little stretchy but not too much, and are the right medium-light weight.


Fixing Back Pain - this seems like a pretty good guide. I will say that the “read this book” part, the Josh Sarno book, was, uh, surprisingly effective for me too. (the book is bad but right)

You can take a cheek-swab test called GeneSight that tells which medications might or might not work for you. In T’s case: it was right about like 4 medications that it said wouldn’t work; indeed they did not. It was wrong about one medication that it said would be fine and was not fine. So, ok.

Two questionnaires to sese if you have autism: RAADS-R, Autism Spectrum Quotient. (according to both of these, I pretty certainly have autism! uhh so either they’re a little over-sensitive or I am learning things about myself)

Reichian Therapy, a body-based psychotherapy. One long book, one long forum thread. I don’t really have time to pick this up right now (so: no endorsement!) but I’m kind of curious.

PSIP: Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Psychotherapy - another thing I don’t have time to check up on but it sounds useful! Particularly, work with cannabis or ketamine, and can be done solo. Thread with a little more info


In Defense of Punch Bug - long but I liked it. It’s kiiinda about the Culture Wars, or at least those topics come up, but it’s more about interpersonal codependence, and the need to have a smoothing function so you don’t lose your mind.

Shargrol’s meditation posts - sigh I don’t know where to even try to start in meditation these days, but here’s another place

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