A Month of Metta

I did 31 half-hour metta meditations, near-daily. Here are some thoughts.



This guy Tasshin Fogleman publishes a podcast of metta meditations. Each one is about 30 min, no nonsense, very easy to follow.

Each one has a similar format: 1. Get comfortable. 2. Relax. 3. Smile. 4. Direct some love at yourself. 5. Think of a person/animal who’s easy to love and direct some love to them. 6. (Something different every time.)

I’d do them at night before going to bed, lying in bed. It’s very nice to just lie down and relax, and not try to maintain some kinda half-relaxed-but-actually-a-little-strained quarter-lotus/Burmese/kneeling position. I appreciated this. A few times, maybe 1/4 of the time, I’d fall asleep - no problem, I’d pick up again tomorrow.

Sometimes I’d do them under a mild dose of cannabis. My old Buddhist brain is like “ohh noo I’m getting hindranced”, but y’know what, it helps! I think usually it helped me generate love. (Sometimes it did make me fall asleep. C’est la vie.)

a couple interesting moments

thoughts on “acting as if”

There’s a powerful move I’ve started to see: “act as if.” When he says something like “generate love towards your easy-to-love person”, I’d think, “huh, I really can’t.” But then, “what if I had to? how would it sound?” And then I would be able to a little more. This isn’t really limited to metta meditation - I notice it a lot of other places, likry coffee tasting, as well.

overall thoughts

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