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Having just kept a baby alive for 4 months, I’m an expert now. I now have friends who are about to do the same thing! Here’s some things we did, sorted into roughly chronological order of when you have to think about them. This is geared towards dads; more disclaimers here.1

a few months before the due date

a couple months before the due date

a month before the due date

after the baby’s born

2-3 months before you return to work

  1. most of this will apply to parents who aren’t dads; I’d say it all would but I can’t honestly say how much of my experience was influenced by being a dad. This is also geared towards semi-rich people; if a step strikes you as extravagant and luxurious and out of touch, my apologies. I offer it all with the humble acknowledgement that it was tough as shit even though we had the ability to spend a lot of money. ↩︎

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