Month 9 - I'm Blank

I don’t really have much to say. I realize that usually I can post here about once a month and it’s a recap of how life has been, roughly, that month. There just aren’t that many other thoughts going on in my head.

It’s hard to hold a conversation sometimes. Someone asked me recently “what’s important to you right now?” and I had no real answer. Weekends come and I don’t know what to do; I feel too energy-drained to plan things a lot of the time. (This results in “keep the kid busy” days, which are even more exhausting! D’oh. He needs pretty much constant entertainment or he screams a lot. I like about the first 30 minutes with him, then it’s pretty rough.) TGIM; at least at work, I’m doing something that feels sort of directional.

This is not awesome, fun, or sustainable. But it’s not awful. (for that, see my January-March posts.) It may be related to my antidepressant; I understand “emotional blunting” is pretty common. It may be related to lack of sleep, though that’s not as severe as it used to be and not really that severe overall (7+ hours every night, usually 8).

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